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Cooling, Warming Pain Relief

Cold Sprays, Rubs and Waxes

d3 Gold Rehab Muscle Rub

d3 Gold Rehab Muscle Rub
£8.00 (GBP) £10.00 (GBP)

d3 Blue Sport Lube Rub

Blue Sport Lube Rub Petroleum jelly with attitude! Keep muscles warm and offers skin abrasion protection in contact sports, or the dreaded runner’s chafing! Ingredients include: Petroleum jelly - That’s it. Nothing else!
£4.80 (GBP) £6.00 (GBP)

Red Muscle Warm Up Rub

Red Muscle Warm Up Rub d3 Red Warm Up Rub will get you going for those cold winter games and sessions. Apply pre-exercise, or even during, to help guard against dreaded injuries that stem from not warming up properly. Ingredients include: Winter Green Oil Eucalyptus Capsicol Peppermint Oil
£7.20 (GBP) £9.00 (GBP)

d3 Platinum Rub

d3 Platinum Rub
£8.80 (GBP) £11.00 (GBP)

d3 Cold Spray

d3 Cold Spray For emergency, instant temporary pain relief. Spray on to the affected skin area (unbroken skin) - for no longer than 2-3 seconds - wait for the cooling effect to start and pain eases for a time; enough for an assessment.
£5.60 (GBP) £7.00 (GBP)