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Joma, as technical sponsor of Toulouse FC, presents the official shirt for the 2017/2018 season.

07 Jul 2017
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July 2017
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Joma, as technical sponsor of Toulouse FC, presents the official shirt for the 2017/2018 season
Joma has created a shirt that breaks with the designs of recent years using the colour violet as the sole hue for the French club’s first shirt. It is designed with a new fitting providing greater adjustment to prevent pulling and enhance the player’s comfort. The front section is made of a jacquard fabric formed by vertical lines and it incorporates Mesh fabric on the sides to assist the footballer’s perspiration. It includes a V-neck collar, the front of which is in white and violet tones, and elastic ribbbing to improve the comfort and fit of the new Toulouse FC shirt.

Several details offering excellent quality and fit have been added to the new Toulouse FC shirt, such as an additional piece located on the shoulders to improve comfort, anti-tear seams at the collar to increase durability, elastic ribbing on the sleeves giving a closer fit, or Mesh fabric underarms to enhance breathability.

In addition, the Toulouse FC players and their fans can enjoy a totally personalised shirt: on the back “Depuis 1937” can be read, the year of the team’s foundation, and lalso the Cross of Toulouse, the symbol par excellence of Occitania, southern France.

"Toulouse badges"

Joma launches "Toulouse Fans’ Badges" to customise your team shirt and show off the kind of fan you are.

80 fans from 20 international football teams star in the new global campaign launching the new 2017/18 season kits.

Since 1965 Joma has sponsored hundreds of professional football teams from the best leagues in the world, and it was time to join them together to launch a worldwide campaign revealing a universal truth: no two fans are alike.

Toulouse's FC Video

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