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Darkness Cannot be an excuse not to run

13 Nov 2015
13 de Noviembre de 2015
Darkness cannot be an excuse to run
Joma presents the new Hispalis with reflective knitting.

With the colder temperatures and, above all, with the time change, light hours are less and less and it is time to run at night. This is why JOMA presents the new Hispalis with reflective knitting, to be seen especially at night. 
New Hispalis are done for runners who have a neutral footstep and who are looking for an intense training shoe. Its main characteristic is the excellent cushioning which is possible because of the Pulsor System (gel), a technology that contributes the footstep impact and the push. 
Also, Hispalis adds Flexo, a flexing system that improves the footstep transition. In addition, Joma has reduced the weight of these running shoes and it has added more resistance with the propose to avoid injures and to increase its useful life. 
Hispalis are a great reference for Joma in the running. Its last edition adds new characteristics that converts them into an identity signal in the running world thanks to its flexibility, cushioning and protection.

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Olimpia, designed to run Gives comfort and reduces the weight of the wet garment .

Joma has created a complete line for runners. This kit is designed for competition, that is why this line has been made by several studies about runner’s needs. 
Olimpia adds different technologies, as Drymx System whose objective is to keep runner’s dry body. Also, it emphasizes Micro Mesh system, in this sense Joma improves the sweating of its clothes.
This line is made in differents colours. Follow the link to see them.

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Total protection This collection protects from cold and dampness.

This collection is perfect to run because its main characteristics are to protect from dampness and cold temperatures. Also, this line provides a perfect protection and comfort against any weather because of its impermeability. 
The knitting of this collection helps to recover the shape and to control the body dampness thanks to a fast drying. 
There are different designs of Brama. Look at the link.

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